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Artist statement - If there's anything distinctive about my art, perhaps it's because it embodies sensitive and complex and immense feelings.  

It resonates, like me, with beauty and harshness, life and death, heaven and earth. As such, my art is a colorful witness to my heightened susceptibility to affective energies.


To express these qualities in my art, It is quite simply a challenge. Unlike the sun who eagerly gives its light to the moon, my heart kicks and screams in the face of a white canvas. It resists because it sees the canvas as an open theater, a stage on which feelings perform their barefoot dance in front of strangers and passersby who more or less can't or won't relate to the feelings of an outsider. And my expressions is concerned with just that: the feelings of an outsider, which is to say, the emotional expressions of a man confined within cold concrete and unforgiving steel, who exists outside of society, beyond the pale.


But after much patience, my heart always yields its feelings to the canvas. I paint them in layers, colors upon colors, feelings upon feelings. I combining a wide range of mediums for textural effects: modeling and crackling paste, sand and paper, heavy-body acrylics and gels--whatever I can get my hand on in a restrictive prison environment.


Most of my works are in relief. A central image typically projects from the canvas. It is made from a sand- or paper-based paste. Due to the weight of the mediums, almost all of my works are on either stretched canvas or canvas panels.


I want viewers of my art to "catch" and absorb my feelings, retain and reflect the resonance of my being as impressions on their hearts. That way I will never be forgotten--or so I tell myself.

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