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Alfred B Mitchell

My name is Alfred Brian Mitchell. I am 49 years old (12/23/1972). Currently housed on Death Row at Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester. Just passed my 30th year here (7/17/1992). I was arrested 2 weeks after my 18th birthday and was sentenced to death at the age of 19.

     Reading, listening to music, learning new things and watching documentaries are some of my hobbies. Cooking and Travel shows are my jam when I want to chill out. I exercise but not as much as I should, have a good excuse on hand when I don't feel like it.

     I believe that I have something to contribute to this world, and looking for any chance to do so.

     I DO NOT need emotional or spiritual "saving," I can use any help in this struggle to save my and all the other's lives sentenced to death.

     I do believe that the most interesting things about people are the spaces in between all the words and thoughts. The words and thoughts being put into action.

    Like most of the men and women on Death Row the bad circumstances of my convictions are complicated, confusing, and wrong. But, not insurmountable to overcome which I intend to do, if gifted with more life than the state wishes me to have.

     If you would like to help me or join the struggle for all of us on death row. Please reach out to this and other organizations that are fighting to end the death penalty. You can contact me directly as well.


Alfred B. Mitchell #206964

P.O. Box 97

McAlester, Oklahoma  74502-0097

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