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You might recognize my name from its trending on the internet last year, not just from speaking out about my story but also my use of (crayola) colorful makeup, creative hairstyles and encouraging words, My name is Patricia Roosa and I am currently serving a Life sentence at Lowell C.I in Ocala FL.


At age 14 I moved to Florida from Upstate NY, I met a boy at the time and fell "in love" it was the unhealthy kind of love that some young girls experience, the type that seeks for approval and in my case the type that leads to a tragedy. The classic good girl meets bad boy, he was a criminal and abusive on all levels. Unfortunately, the abuse became normal and that's how I related his love for me. 


At the tender age of 19, I was arrested on my first offense and charged with Felony Murder. The flawed law that makes my presence during a robbery with no knowledge or intent that anyone would be harmed....just as guilty as an actual killer. I am now 35.


Throughout my 16 years of incarceration I have taken every opportunity to elevate myself, finding out who I truly am and my worth as a woman. I fight every day to do and be more than yesterday, completing classes and programs such as obtaining my G.E.D, faith and character, Life skills, thinking for a change and most recently working towards my cosmetology license. I am also in the process of writing my very own devotional Titled: "Every Day Is A Second Chance" where the proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for victims of crime, my plan after that is to write children's books. I have grown way passed the struggles and mistakes of my youth, The consequences for my actions all those years ago have been paid and every day I hope for a second chance. I don't just want to be free but I desire to help free the hearts and minds of many.

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