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I am Howard Guidry:

A tinker. I like fixing things. when I was a kid I would take things apart just to see if I could put them back together. I am always looking for ways to make my radio reception work better, or if I'm bored I'll change the arrange of my cell as a way of adjusting my attitude.


I love getting lost in a good book. I appreciate a challenging and lively debate. I hate cold weather. Growing up in Louisiana I hardly ever wore a shirt, and swimming in the bayou with my friends was what we did to stay cool in the summer. I'm a giver. nothing material is sacred to me.


I deal with depression on a regular basis. Creating art, playing chess, D and D or meditation or all coping mechanisms for me. 


I have been in single man segregation cells for 25 years of my incarceration. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather be dead than spend another day in this place.


Most importantly, I am another innocent man the state intends to execute. I am Howard Paul Guidry

I am : Andy Canales 

by: Anibal Canales


Texas LifeRow



"........Let go of who you are, to become who you could be...."

 Lun Size


Today, I sit at my small table and think of all that

I have seen and done, as I sip at my cup of coffee,

reflecting on my own life..I know that I have posted

about my childhood, my environment, my parents,

my mistakes. Truth is, when you talk about your

own life, we have  tendency to gloss over facts,

change the outcomes of horrors that we have lived

thru, because you don't want to think of the pain and

sorrow of THAT!..Yet, years later.. I can recall the past

without all that emotional baggage attached to it,

because I confronted my past, my history, my crimes,

and once the journey was over,I looked back and saw

NOTHING, because I was the one that placed so much

importance to it..I was the one that allowed it all to

dictate and control my future ..THAT was all ME!

I've spent time working on myself, a lot of years ..

18 to be exact.. and thru it all,I knew that if I quit,

stopped searching, stop delving, stop asking, stop

confronting and being honest with myself,I would

never be anything,  what my past had already

defined me as..

TODAY, today is MY I walk in a whole 

different, my life is filled with life,

laughter, joy, love, happiness..Today,I am the best

version of myself then I have EVER been!Today,I 

can look at ME and know who I am, where I have

been and where I am going..all because I was 

willing to confront, the me that wasn't ME!

I'm 58 years old,..I don't have much..I can look

around my cell, and truth is, there is nothing I 

value except my Bible and photo album..One 

fills my heart with Hope,Love,Joy and Grace..

while the other reminds me of all those that

I love, enjoyed, hugged, laughed and cried with,

and the rest ?? whatever! LOL!

I've been blessed, with an amazing group of 

people who gave me love and helped me look

within, challenged me to be honest with who

I WAS, and who I WANTED TO BE..They always

asked questions, forcing me to think, ask, reason,

and begin the process of healing within..Because

of their patience, their love, and guidance I stand

here today as a MAN..a man who is not afraid, 

of my own testimony, not afraid of sharing, being

honest with ALL, always able to say what I MEAN,

and mean what I SAY...I owe that to them, all of 

them, and can't image how I could pay them back

for such a gift..

Today,I stand before you all, and know who I am,

what I want, who I love, and what it means to me..

today,I am the ME that I was suppose to

longer the him that was. I have worked hard to 

be ME, and worked even harder to better myself

with all the opportunities that have been available

to me here on the 'Row..I have graduated  from 

Bridges to Life, which was so profoundly enriching

and helpful in my own growth! Overcomers, which 

helped me get a real grip on my addiction's, also

providing a blueprint to keep you sober..graduating

THAT class, was a real accomplishment!! Truth Pro-

ject,  was inspiring..Authentic Manhood, encouraging..

Beyond Success ,has been a real inspiration lesson,

on leadership..Graduating from these classes, taking

all the lessons and applying them to my life, has given

me the tools to be a better human being, seeing those 

around me,as fellow travelers who are walking the 

same road as I am..which means, that WE ALL benefit 

when we better ourselves to be the best version of our


Today,I can say with complete confidence, that I am the

very best that I can,I will work on, 

when I get there! I'm a happy man today and each day 

I wake,I greet it with enthusiasm, because its another 

day to be a Doer! I'm able to be a Doer, because the best

gift that I have EVER received, was my SALVATION! Thru

all my work on me,I turned to God, for guidance ..But, it 

wasn't until  January/2022 that I was able to finally find 

true fulfillment, real peace,TRUE REDEMPTION! The day

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour,..

I opened my eyes and saw the husk of who

I was laying on the floor underneath me. I 

stood up and as I did,I felt like something was

missing..I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was

like I was missing something and it felt very 

different from my normal self.As I wiped the 

tears away, hearing the cheers of my brothers

around me,I took a step to the door and felt so

light, that it shocked if there was no gravity,

and I floated!! I looked back and saw the chains

on the floor, all the locks and chains that had held

be back from that final lap in my marathon to better 

myself...All gone! Then it hit me, what was different,

it was the fact that I didn't have all that ugly baggage

I had been carrying around in my heart, all the hate,

anger, rage, pain, SIN..gone..just like that! I leaned on 

the door and cried like a baby..filled with a joy, that 

was so shocking...amen!

Today,I am a Follower of Jesus of Nazareth,The 

Messiah! I am happier, stronger, healed, peaceful,

joyous, and walking in the light of my Lord God..

The only thing that would make it better is standing

in the Great Hall of God Almighty, hearing, seeing,

bathing in the beauty and glory of God...

It wasn't easy, it still ain’t, but each day,I walk further

away from the old man I use to be, and become the

man HE sees in me...


I am,

Andy Canales 

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