Azibo Aquart


After a decade on death row that ended with 13 back-to-back executions and two deaths due to
medical neglect, Azibo Aquart (Uhz-EE-boh Uhk-AR) is no longer one of the approximately 40
remaining prisoners scheduled for lethal injection at the infamous Indiana federal prison unit for the
condemned. Azibo’s four “consecutive” death sentences were overturned by New York’s U.S. Court of
Appeals for the Second Circuit due to prosecutorial misconduct. But instead of his conviction being
thrown out, on October 21 st , 2021, he was resentenced to three life terms, four forty-year terms, and ten
years to be served concurrently all based on the evidence and charges (and the work of the same
investigators and prosecutors) you just learned about.
If you believe there is a wrong that should be set right in Azibo’s case and would like to help do
something about it, you can start by going to (real URL) and add your name to the
petition and tell a friend or family member to do the same.
Azibo (affectionately referred to by friends as Az) has since late 2021 been in prison in Florence,
CO where all prisoners’ rights have been suspended for over six months and counting. The Bureau of
Prisons’ administration has gotten away with refusing to even open the cell doors to allow for regular
showers, much less a single hour a day out-of-cell time afforded to inmates by law. Inmates were not
allowed visits, phone calls to family, or to purchase stamps to write home or send out legal or media
correspondences. There were multiple stabbings, including two murders. However, excuses for this illegal
and inhumane treatment has gone from the level of violence to a prison remodeling to being short of staff
due to officers refusing to vaccinate or where a mask to now a Covid red alert status as a result of those
same officers’ actions. Cellmates violently turn on one another out of frustration or in an effort to seek
transfer (inmates being disciplined in segregation have showers in-cell, two phone calls a month, receive
an hour recreation, two envelopes a week, better treatment than the entire prison population that has
committed no infraction).
Az is an inventor addicted to listening to (and supporting) national public radio (NPR) and
juggling reading a ton of books at the same time trying to learn a little bit of everything. For over twenty
years, a several-time award winning Certified Literacy Volunteer of America, he has been a GED tutor
specializing in students for whom English is their second language. Az is also a writer. Whether he is any
good or not, if you’re interested, you can decide for yourself. Read an excerpt from his latest project, a
book titled “Great Tale: Never Told” based on a fictional podcast created and hosted by NPR’s Ira Glass.
Also, see the Van Goh/Seurat-inspired first piece Az painted after leaving death row and arriving in his
new cell in Colorado.

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