Reaching Out
At The Death Row Soul Collective...we are against the Death Penalty in every
circumstance. We don’t advocate based on guilt or innocence.
We are opening this space for those who want to share their story, advocate for
help, or just be heard!
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The Death Row Soul Collective Asked…

Has Religion Helped Or Harmed You While Incarcerated?


Thomas Has Reached Out…

“YES! Belief In God Has Given Me The Hope I Can Prove That I Am Innocent.”



I am tired of placing my Love and trust in people, believing only to find promises and their profession of really caring was simply hollow words.

From my attorneys who claimed to have only my best interest at the center of their representation but did the bare minimum to prove my innocence. Then you have your Friends who you stood by loyally in their time of need and turned tail and ran when it came to support me. The ones I haven't heard from since my arrest. Then the family members who testified against me for a free trip to Alabama to get the free gas, food, and hotel room. Now that I am sentenced to death they will not help to motivate others to help me prove my innocence they are AWOL all that abandonment hurts but somehow I keep plodding along. I keep my positive attitude and my hope remains in my heart. I guess you can call it the eternal optimistic syndrome I still believe in justice and good in people. By writing and contacting groups to find me a pen Pall or legal help at least someone who I can actually communicate with and be myself. I continually contact groups that are Anti-death penalty just to let them know I do exist. One time I wrote to a group against the death penalty and I was rewarded by receiving a request to send them funds. I guess they did not Read the address Thomas Lane z-726 M68 po box 3700 DEATH ROW Atmore Alabama 36503. Then there are the writers who claim they want to be your " FRIEND " the ones who send you short notes in the Dailey mail and the women who send me sexy photos. Their only real interest is to score a letter from a death row inmate some sick, vicarious need for a souvenir from a person who the state is trying to murder.

Then there is that one"" special person"" who writes and for some reason you " click with and becomes my better half and I blindly trust theme they actually try to prove my        

“INNOCENCE" then a setback occurs, the enormity of the task becomes real and clear. So they slowly began to shrivel into the woodwork.


I have tried to turn to God and prayed feverishly and others prayed feverishly to have the innocence to be seen. I only asked God the real truth to be revealed my prayers and devotion of faith are met with a stone cold silence. I began to question my beliefs is there a God and if there is a God what lesson is he teaching me and what does God want me to do and what is God's plans for me and will God allow me to have a family?


please write to me

God bless

Thomas Lane Z-726 M68


Atmore, Alabama 36590 


*Thomas is actively seeking a law firm that would help him

in his appeals.  He strongly claims he is innocent and has been 

fighting this conviction for 18 years.