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Travis Runnels

Travis Runnels.jpg

Travis Runnels was on Texas death row since November 2005. When the state of Texas executed him on December 11, 2019, he was definitely not the same man who committed the crime he was convicted of 16 years earlier. Travis never denied that he committed a terrible mistake and was during all the years remorseful. He was sentenced to death because of the false testimony of an "expert" who lied to the jury and affirmed that if Travis would be sentenced to life in prison without parole, he would be a danger for his fellow prisoners and staff. In 2010 and 2012, two death sentences who involved the same "expert" were overturned because of the false testimony he gave in those cases too. Travis Runnels was not a danger. As his attorney said he was "a model prisoner, emblematic of the growth and improvement that 'corrections' is supposed to stand for." Travis was a mentor to many men on death row and a calming influence. His friend Billy Tracy wrote that some days before Travis execution date a guard came next to his cell and said: "We're going to get you, nigger." Travis remained calm and said "Life is too good to be so bitter and angry. I hope you learn this." This was Travis. He succeeded to become in one of the darkest places on earth a man of wisdom and compassion to all. Travis was a very important contributor to the Death Row Soul Collective, wrote many essays published in "Walk in Those Shoes" and two books "Guidance on navigating the path to love" and "How to survive in prison." He is dearly missed by his friends in the free world and on death row. 

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