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Kevin Antonio Owens

It's understood that the "Bio" is to shed light on an individual to show others who they are as a person, am I correct? Well, how do we actually know that that individual is who he/she are presenting themselves to be? For example, let's say in my bio about myself I'm saying that I'm a mechanic. I've read numerous books on automobiles. I know every part and all parts of the engine but I never once changed any physical part on a car. Being that I'm a crafty individual, a jack of all trades type of guy who has so much experience in fixing so many other things, figured I can call myself that mechanic because I do have that knowledge of the engine and how it works. Are "bios" something we create so that others can judge us? Do we humbly look for approval of some kind to earn some type of status?

Me personally I've done and experienced a lot of things but I tend to learn more towards my (or maybe I should say what I feel to be my) creative side. I truly believe that I'm a designer and a decent one at that due to so many detailed and customized projects that I've created throughout the years. Some choose to label me as some type of artist because of the drawings that they have viewed. I'll stick with designer who just so happens to know how to draw a little (I mean by the Grace of God of course).

I have a few God given talents, many human flaws, incredible ideas and skills and a few amount of intellect pertaining to many things in life while working persistently every day to bring about knowledge, wisdom and understanding in a religion I choose to whole heartedly embrace.

What I will do for starters instead of giving you all of me in one big scoop (even if the scoop isn't that big), I'll share some of me through my art. Try to embrace my style that I've created for myself which keeps me calm while allowing me to drift into a zone and let my hand flow at will to bring about something unique. I'm not one who draws for realism or fix my mental and push my talent or better yet restrict my talent to become a copy machine. I enjoy bending the lines to make what I design...mines! 

My good friend Jessica has opened an alley for me (bless her heart) and now I can share some of me with all of you. Let's see where we can go from here. Feel free to comment, encourage, critique or what have you, just keep it real!

To Reach Kevin, please write him at:

Kevin Antonio Owens


McConnel Unit

3001 S. Emily Drive

Beevile, Texas


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