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Tony Medina

Who is TONY MEDINA? In 1996 when I was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED of Capital Murder the prosecutors that wanted twelve complete strangers to agree to end my life tried to define me, they pointed to a photo of me taken with old friends, shirtless, tattoos showing and told the jury that THAT one night defined who I was. But they did not take into consideration what led me up to that night, or everything that I had experienced and gone thru since the night that photo was taken.


I was 21 years old the day that those twelve strangers decided that my life had no meaning, that I could not be rehabilitated, and that I should be put to death. As I type this, I am 46 years old, looking at 47 just around the corner. I have seen over 430 men and women get carried off to their State Sanctioned Murder.


I am the son of parents who have never left my corner. I am a brother of two sisters I have not seen in over 15 years. I am a father of three children whose lives I will never truly be a part of. I am a man who believes that Respect, Loyalty and Honesty are the foundations of any friendship. I am someone who does Yoga VERY badly, who enjoys Native American art, and who can lose himself in a good novel to be transported to a Galaxy far far away. 


I enjoy hearing about my friends lives. I enjoy dreaming about life outside these walls. I am someone who is good at listening. I enjoy music and movies.

Who is Tony Medina? I am a HUMAN BEING; I am the sum of all of my experiences. Whether positive or negative, everything that you go thru in life becomes a part of who you are, and who you will become. 

Tony Medina

Anthony Shawn Medina


Polunsky Unit

3872 FM 350 So.

Livingston, Texas


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