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Dalton Collins

Dalton Collins,

TDCJ# 768733

2101 F.M. 369

N. Iowa Park, Texas



Greetings from Texas!

I’m a 50 year old male.

I have been incarcerated since 1994 and in Solitary

Confinement since

2004 (also called Ad Seg or the SHU in other places). Serving a

life sentence

for a 1991 murder charge plus two forty year sentences

‘stacked’ for an escape

bid that went very badly (as those things inevitably do).

Having faced a capital murder charge in which the state was

seeking the death penalty

I have some insight into the process and some well informed

and thought out feelings about capital punishment

and the process by which the state decides who lives and who



I’m keenly interested in all things politics, ideologies and human

nature. The nexus where they intersect...

Should anyone wish to correspond, I’ll try to have something

interesting to say.

I have wide ranging interests; am well read; am as current on

issues as a radio, magazines and Newspapers

allow. No access to email, internet or phones—writing is all I

have. Hope to hear from you!


*Editors Note

Dalton is a great guy. And is a true example of someone who

feels great remorse and is truly worthy of a second chance.

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