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The Troy James Clark Little Free Library

The Troy James Clark Free Little Library
Charter #66216

Troy was executed by the State Of Texas in Sept., of 2018.

This “Free Little Library” is filled with books he left to me after his execution...and
books donated by others. Books are a refuge to people in prison...and especially
to those in Solitary Confinement. Troy would say to me...”I need to put my beak
in a book” which would reference his love of reading, the ability to escape his
surroundings, and his love of birds.

Included in this space are Booklists from many incarcerated individuals who
contribute to this page.

And links to sites where you can donate reading material to people like Troy and
the many others who would otherwise be forgotten.






1,482 person to be executed in the US

Daniel Gwinn
Daniel Gwynn

1. Georgetown Law Journal

2. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

3. Facing The U.S. Prison Problems

by Shawn Griffith

4. Prisoner's Self Help Litigation Manual

5. Creating Black Americans

by Neil Irvin Painter

6. Beyond The Messy Truth

by Van Jones

7. Messages Of Life From Death Row

by Pierre Pradervand

8. Dreams From My Father

by Barack Obama

9. Battlefield Of The Mind

by Joyce Meyers

10. The Holy Bible

Jermont Cox

1. The 5 People You Meet In Heaven

by Mitch Albom

2. I cannot recall the name of this book...

It was a book about a family of alcoholics and how alcoholism is a disease. I come from a family of alcoholics.

3. The third book I recall was a book about the abuse of women and children in third world countries. I was talking to a young lady who had a sort of bad reputation about giving herself away. And I wanted to show her how in certain countries women have no choice. At the same time reading that book renewed my responsibility that I have as a man to protect the women in my life. To show compassion and respect. If a woman tells me that that I offend...never question her emotions. Just say sorry and learn from it. Prison has the ability to turn a person cold towards the world. It can make a man treat a woman more as an object than a queen.

4. The Prophet

by Kahlil Gibran

5. Mirrors Of The Soul

by Kahlil Gibran

6. The Fire Next Time

by James Baldwin

7. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

by Alice Walker

8. Between The World And Me

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

9. The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

by Alex Hailey

Howard Guidry.jpg
Howard Guidry.jpg
Howard Guidry

1. All About Love

by Bell Hooks

2. There There

by Tommy Orange

3. The Prophet

by Khalil Gibran

4. A Lesson Before Dying

by Ernest J. Gaines

5. Voice Of Knowledge

by Don Miquel Ruiz

6. Warrior of the Light

by Paulo Cohelo

7. Between The World and Me

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

8. Assata

by Assata Shakur

9. Man Search For Meaning

by Viktor Frankel

10. Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck

Howard Guidry.jpg
Anabel canales.jpg
Anibal Canales

“I Have Been Locked Up Most Of My Life And Have Read A lot Of Books…and VERY Few Sucked.”


1.  Trinity

By Leon Uris

2.  Dreams Die First

By Harold Robbins

3.  Lonesome Dove 

By Larry McMurtry

4.  The Stand

By Stephen King

5.  The Count Of Monte Cristo

By Alexander Dumas

6.  Exodus

By Leon Uris

7.  Shogun

By James Clavell

8.  Art Of War

By Sun Szi

9.  Song Of Ice And Fire Series

By George Martin

10.  Roots

By Alex Haley

Howard Guidry.jpg
Tony Medina
Tony Medina

As I type this in November 2021, I have over 3160 books written down in my "Have Read" lost, which I started keeping in 2001. So picking out my "top 10" is VERY hard, as I love different books for different reasons...i would say that my Top 10 changes constantly, but here are some of them.


  1. The Godfather

 by Mario Puzo (Pure Classic)

 2. Shogun (the whole series is GREAT)

 by James Clavell   

 3. Gangster

by Lorenzo Carcaterra (always in my top 5)

 4. Papillon  

by Henri Charriere (an absolutely INCREDIBLE story)

 5. Rain of Gold 

By Victor Villasenor (LOVE IT) 

 6. Shantaram  

by Gregory David Roberts

 7. Genghis Khan Series

by Conn Iggulden 

 8. Aztec 

by Gary Jennings  

 9. Lucky 

by Jackie Collins  

 10. The Necroscope Series  

by Brian Lumley

Howard Guidry.jpg
Howard Guidry 2.jpg
The Death Row Soul

1. Maus

Art Spiegelman


2. A Peoples History Of The United States

Howard Zinn


3. Unbroken

Laura Hillenbrand


4. The Night Trilogy

Elie Wiesel


5. Soul On Ice

Eldridge Cleaver


6. Race to incarcerate

Marc Mauer


7. The new Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander


8. The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X and Alex Hailey


9. Don’t Forget Us Here

Mansoor Adayı


10. Everything by James Baldwin

Aziliah Y Africa

1. Assata

by Assata Shakur

2. Autobiography Of Malcolm X

By Alex Hailey

3. Reallionaire

by Farrah Grey

4. Long Walk To Freedom

by Nelson Mandela

5. Blood In My Eye

By George Jackson

6. Autobiography Of A Fugitive Slave

by Frederick Douglas

7. Behold A Pale Horse

by William Cooper

8. Mastery

by Robert Green

Dalton Collins

1.) K. Marx & F. Engels; International Publishers:

“On The Origin Of The Family, The State and Private Property”

2.) David McLellan; Oxford University Press:

“Karl Marx: Selected Writings”

3.) Howard Selsam & Harry Martel; International Publishers:

“Reader In Marxist Philosophy: From The Writings of Marx,

Engels, and Lenin”

4.) author unknown; International Publishers:

“Dialectical and Historical Materialism”

5.) Lawrence Brown; “The Might Of The West”

6.) Mark Levin: “Liberty and Tyranny”

(All his books are worth reading if you want to understand

conservative thought.)

7.) Primo Levi: “Survival In Auschwitz”

8.) Phillip Zimbardi “The Lucifer Effect”

(A book about the Stanford Prison experiments...)

9.) Robert Greene: “The 48 Laws Of Power”

10.) Niccolò Machiavelli: “The Prince”

*I could go on to add a great many more books in the same vein-I have a keen

interest in politics, ideas, philosophy and human nature and the nexus where they

all meet. This is a short list of books that have helped inform my world view,


Pete Russeljpg
Pete Russel

1. The New Jim Crow...

by Michael Alexander

2. Solitary...

by Albert Woodfox

3. Blood In My Eye

by George Jackson

4. Defining Moments In History

by Dick Gregory

5. Project Soul Catcher

by Robert Duncan

6. Mass Control

by Jim Keith

7. Behold A Pale Horse

by William Cooper

8. Collected Poems

by Robert Hayden

9. Medical Apartheid

by Harriet Washington

10. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

by Joy Degruy Leary

Tarus Sales

1. Impressions

by Krista Johns (because of her dedication)

2. The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

3. Soledad Brother

by George Jackson

4. Out of The Ashes

by William Johnstone

5. The Coldest Winter Ever

by Sister Souljah

(anything by Sister Souljah)

6. The Song of Ice and Fire (series)

by George R.R. Martin

7. The Name of The Wind

by Patrick Rothfuss

8. The "Saxon" Tales (series)

by Bernard Cornwell

9. Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

10. The Last Templar

(author unknown)

Perry Austin

Perry Speaks…

My top ten books?

I don’t know if they could be called special, but they are my favorites, books I can read multiple times.  I tend to like post-apocalyptic/dystopian type books.  So, except for the first two, the others are of the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre.


1) “The Secret Life Of Bees”   by Sue Monk Kidd


2)   “Where The Crawdaddy Sing”   by Delia Owens


3)   “The Unwound Series”   by Neal Shusterman (Four Book Series)


4)  “The Silo Series”   by Hugh Howey (Three Book Series)


5)  “Swan Song”   by Robert R. McCammon


6)   “The Stand”   by Stephen King


7)   “The Maze Runner Series”   by James Deshner


8)   “The Hunger Games Series”   by Suzanne Collins


9)   “Escape From The Future Series”   by Alexander Gordon Smith


10)  “The Strain Series”   by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hagan


These are all books I really liked.  But there are more!  There’s a twelve or thirteen book series by Taylor Anderson called “The Destroyermen Series.”  I usually get bored by a long series such as this, but this guy writes good and he grabs and keeps your attention.  There’s also a post nuclear war trilogy by William R. Forstchen, “One Second After” “One Year Later” and “The Final Day.”

Anyway…those are my favorites and anyone who’s into the post/apocalyptical dystopian genre will really enjoy these.


Perry is housed on Texas Death Row.




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