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Joesph McAlpin

Joesph McAlpin

Joseph Speaks...

I’m really not good at expressing myself or telling my story but I'm gone give it a try.

As everyone know my story and what's going on with me. I m just trying to stand strong and continue to fight for my freedom. We are in a imperfect system and a lot of things need to be change but what is becoming to constant in this world is the wrong person be convicted of things they have not done, or a person becoming the escape goat in these courts because him or her have the record or back round to support a WRONGFUL CONVICTION! Then they say that we are to be tried by 12 of "OUR" peers? I just wonder how those peers of "OURS" feel when it comes out that the person that they found guilty was really innocent. It could never be a fair fight in that court room when the defendant is of the minority, unfunded, and have a public defender that don't even have the proper time to truly pay attention to your case do to being over worked. Then on top of all that you have 12 people that already have it in their mind that if the defendant is sitting over there, they must have done something. So all the cards are stacked against you before the trial even start. So we they say that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty is some "BULL"!

I set on death row for a crime that no one saw me commit. I have a codefendant that agreed to take a deal to work for the prosecution in order for him to not face the death penalty. This codefendant was seen at the crime scene confessed to being there after lying about knowing anting about the murders until the detective show a video of him at the crime scene, and only then did he know what happen and it gave him a chance to great his story and you best to believe that he had a lil help from the people that he was willing to work for to make sure his story is believable. The prosecution didn't care that he was seen at the crime scene as long as he was willing to work with them to get a conviction. Any body would say anything when they was facing what's he was facing and was able to get the deal he got. He went from getting the death penalty to getting 6 years for his help. Now use your common understanding. If you was to watch my case again during the part that my codefendant was on the stand. The prosecution admitted to him being a liar but yet they still used him as their witness that stated that he didn't see me kill any one. It was a fix from the beginning and it was no way that I was going to walk out of that court room a free man. But now I have found the proof of my innocence and I have presented it to the courts but they still don't want to admit to their screw up and instead they want to stall me out and try to sweep everything under the rug but I'm not going to let that happen. This is why I'm pushing my petition to keep this issue relevant. I don't want to be another black man lost in this system for something that I didn't do because I didn't have the resources or the means to fight for my freedom. I'm trying to do what I can with the little bit that I have. I just ask that I continue to receive the help and support from all of those who believe in what's right. I thank you all and blessed to have your support. Especially the help of the "Death Row Soul Collective!”

Sincerely Joseph McAlpin.




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