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To protest the scheduled execution of Anibal Canales Jr. on March 29th. Please COPY & PASTE this letter & send to the Texas Board of Pardons & Parole.

Clemency Letter

Dear Members of The Board of Pardons and Parole…

I am writing to beg Clemency for Anibal Canales #00999366 DOB 12/01/1964 who is scheduled for execution on March 29th, 2023.

I believe that he should receive Clemency because he is innocent of this crime. Anibal was charged with Capital Murder in July 1997, on the Telford Unit, New Boston,Tx., for the death of Gary Dickerson, an inmate  assigned to the same unit. Mr.Dickerson was found dead in his cell. Five days later Anibal was taken into custody, and placed in Restrictive Housing with four others who were suspects as well. All were suspected gang members of the Texas Mafia. Anibal was indicted December of 1999. Sentenced to death on November 1st, 2000. Note that Anibal’s trial lasted all of seven days. Trial was over within 10 day's!


One of the most important issues that should be noted by you Mr. Governor, and members of this Board is that during the commission of this crime, Mr. Canales was not seen anywhere near or around the crime scene by a SINGLE TDCJ CORR.OFFICER!..Not one. Every TDCJ Officer that was called by Mr. Canales during the Disciplinary Hearing, stated that they did not see Anibal that night anywhere except in front of his cell painting, which he had permission for by the Duty Sgt.Thielin who testified in District Court that Anibal Canales was in front of cell, painting. During the investigation being conducted by Internal Affairs Division, Officer Carroll Dodson (IAD) did not find a single TDCJ C.O that could state that they saw Anibal that night.


There was no physical evidence that tied Anibal to this crime..NOT A SINGLE ITEM! No DNA, no fingerprints that matched Anibal, no footprints, NOTHING! Anibal is 6 foot 7 inches, was known on Telford Unit by site, and wore a size 18 shoe, and was called by Officer's and Inmates alike, BIGFOOT...You can not mistake Anibal Canales for anyone else..He was easily picked out of a crowd of inmates.. In fact, the only evidence that the Special Prosecution Unit (SPU) presented to the jury was testimony provided by Jailhouse Snitches. All of which was payed for in unit transfers, dismissal of felony cases, which included Agg. Assault on a Public Servant (tdcj co) Poss.of a Controlled Substance, Parole Recommendations, Craft Shop Privileges, choice and plumb jobs, restoration of class and good time, release from restrictive housing, and removal of gang affiliation from TDCJ records, disciplinary cases dismissed, all in order for TDCJ and SPU to secure a conviction. Using Jailhouse Snitches, and Confirmed Gang Members!


It should also be noted: That of those that testified for SPU in Anibal's trial, who claimed to have seen him, and claimed to have helped in the murder of Mr.Dickerson, four of them helped clean the crime scene! Of those four, two of them were seen in that cell with Mr.Dickerson in the night in question, and the inmate who witnessed it was interviewed by IAD Officer Carroll Dodson!


To be clear, by this body, that all the physical evidence that was presented by SPU was obtained illegally, by a state agent, who 

was used by TDCJ and SPU, to provide letters, kites, that Anibal allegedly wrote. All of which was sent to Texas Dept.Public Safety(DPS) for fingerprint and handwriting analysis, which was  “far from conclusive" was the report signed by the DPS Officer, who. should be noted, testified in court, that he had no actual accredited training in this special craft.



All of this, and we add the fact that Anibal Canales had NO Mitigation! It was so sad, that SPU Prosecutor Mark Mullins stated "How sad is it that we speak of a mans life, and all we can say is he is a good artist.” 

Please take this into consideration when looking at this man's life.Thank You for your time and patience.


Anibal Canales


DOB 12/01/1964


Any questions:contact    .


send via mail:
DOB 12/01/1964

Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles
Clemency Section 8610
Shoal Creek Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78757

or e-mail


Anibal Canales is scheduled to be executed March 29th

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