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Anibal speaks...


Ina Nutshell


Please note; this story is not a work of fiction or some tall tale. There is documentation provided for the reader so that it's clear that this based on facts that were presented in a Texas Court and all part of a motion for discovery in said court. Facts concerning this case and its depth have been investigated through independent sources appointed by Federal Court during an appeal process. 


Here it is, ina nutshell - on July 11th, 1997 this man named Dickerson was killed on the Telford Unit, New Boston, Texas. If you look at the documentation that I have attached to this you'll see that this dude was in trouble BEFORE his demise. This dude got popped with some cash money on the dorms of the unit and what was funny for everyone that was concerned with this was that he didn't go to jail for it! The money that he got popped with was money from a black gang on the unit who sent him to go and buy some tobacco. Why didn't he get locked up for having what is considered "dangerous contraband" is beyond me but it was noted by those who gave him the money and it caused this man some serious heat. 

If you read the report (which is an official I.O.C.  from the Dept. of Internal Affairs on the unit) it never stated the names of those who gave him the money except Baker...Baker was NOT the one that gave this man the cash money, he was merely the one who helped convince Dickerson to go and look for some tobacco on behalf of the gang in question. 

When Dickerson didn't end up in jail, he knew he would be in some heat and began to request Protective Custody from the Unit Classification. He refused housing and went to Prehearing Detention (PHD) and pled his case to them, which they ignored! They denied him protection several times because he begged several times and was released back into General Population on July 11th. This man was found dead in his cell by his cellie Tim Rice. If you read the report, you can see that I and another death row inmate William Speer was found guilty of this man's death and if you also note from that same said report, it was the inmates that you read of that testified against me and him in this matter. THAT is it ina nutshell. That is the facts of the case that the state of Texas presented along with some other documentation that has been found as false! 

I have been on death row fighting this case for 22 years and I have been given an execution date for March 29th of 2023. This murder was placed at the feet of the Texas Mafia and I will not lie or give you a line on this. I WAS at the time of this murder a member of the Texas Mafia. I was convicted for this, on a lot of what is said in this report and I will leave it at that, ina nutshell...


Now that we have broken open the nut, let's look at what we have and know to be true, just from the report provided by Internal Affairs of Telford Unit during their investigation. You will note that I have numbered each point that is important here and also highlighted an important aspect of this, when we get to it. Let's begin the dissection of this report and again note this, documentation will be provided to show what I say on THIS report. 


#1 - as I noted above, Baker was not the man who gave Gary Dickerson the money he got caught with. The money that was given belonged to Gangster Disciples and Baker was the one that facilitated the deal. Yet that wasn't mentioned by Baker, Dickerson or anyone else during their supposed "investigation." 

#2 - I.A.D. stated that G. Dickerson stated that the Texas Mafia was going to kill him, which is false! We have Mr. Dickerson's documentation to Classification asking for protection and the hearing that was held, and not one time did Dickerson stated WHO was going to kill him!

#3 - L. Whited was called, a known member of the Texas Mafia, to admin. building by Warden Masingill (Court Record will verify this) and told a GANG MEMBER that Dickerson wasn't a snitch and asked if they would leave him alone! He testified to this in open court! Since when does a Warden of TDCJ "ask" a gang member if they would leave someone alone?! It should also be noted that this Warden was part of the committee that was over Mr. Dickerson's request for protection! (that is also documentation that will be provided to this site at a later date, as this unfolds)

#4 - Richard Driver, who testified against me, stating what he told to I.A.D. in open court failed to mention an important fact which was that HE WAS SEEN IN DICKERSON CELL THAT NIGHT! Another inmate that I.A.D. did interview but disregarded, stated to them, that he saw R. Driver in the cell about the time of the murder. He had gone down to Dickerson's cell to get some hot water and returned back to his own cell when he was being ignored!

#5 - Steven Canada stated that he saw me and Speer go into this man's cell (Dickerson)and then come out, and watched me leave with W. Speer. Yet at no time that he state to I.A.D. that R. Driver was in that cell, nor did he tell I.A.D. that the inmate that lived on the same run with him, and he knows, walked to that cell and knocked while Driver was in there1 S. Canada became the state's star witness and received quite a lot of benefits for his "co-operation."

#6 - The night in question, Carol Dodson (author of said report and lead investigator) of Internal Affairs Division was on the scene and took photos of the inmate and the cell, was there to begin to ask how and what happened and yet DID NOT! Mr. Dodson KNEW that G. Dickerson was asking for protection, was involved in dangerous contraband, ie cash money, KNEW that a lot of tobacco had ben busted (240 packs of Bugler) at the Warden's house...Massingill (remember him? The one who had to ask gang members not to hurt his inmates?) and yet Mr. Dodson didn't declare the area a crime scene, KNOWING ALL THAT!!!

#7 - Dodson stated in open court and in this report that he did not secure the area as a "crime scene."

#8 - Baker stated to I.A.D. that he was present when L. Whited told the Texas Syndicate (another prison gang) that this will be fixed and yet the report and investigation of this crime was not on anyone else?! NO! I.A.D. and Mr. Dodson spent no time seeking, following information on who else was interested in the death of G. Dickerson!

#9 and #10 are the kicker. Allow me to tell you this: Tim Rice, Richard Driver, Steven Canada, Sam Brown, Mark Sisley CLEANED THE CRIME SCENE!!! Tim Rice stated that he went to the Sgt. Theilen and asked for cleaning supplies to clean the cell and was given all that was needed. He-Rice, Canada, driver and two other inmates that did not testify for the state, although they were there, cleaned that cell. If you look at #12 - you will see that I never one time refused to provide fingerprints or refused to co-operate in any way! I was asked by I.A.D. during the investigation and there is a video statement of me stating that I didn't know anything! I was told on Mr. Dodson that I could help myself by being straight and upfront but I didn't know anything! He also told me, which is in the video statement, that L. Whited this supposed Lt. of the Texas Mafia will snitch on everyone for a buck and jelly roll. 


Now that you have a better understanding ina nutshell, I need to make sure that you understand this: NOT ONE SINGLE TDCJ OFFICER THAT WORKED THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER SAW ME - a 6'7 215 pd. MEXICAN ANYWHERE NEAR OR AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME!!! NOT ONE!!! I had COs testify for me! The Sgt. that gave Tim Rice the cleaning supplies testified for me! He told them that I was in front of my cell, working on a drawing and had asked for permission to do so because I was on CELL RESTRICTION! The crime happened on another pod! I was on my pod...

Each and every CO that worked that night was called in for questioning, and not one seen me. Not one! I called them in when I went to a Disciplinary Hearing and requested that each one that worked, INCLUDING the 2 COs that worked on the pod that the crime occurred, CO Dunn and CO Alaniz, and they both stated that I was not seen at any time...AT ANY TIME!!! Why? Because I was in front of my cell, not in some dude's cell doing whatever happened to the man!


Let me finish with this and we will end this matter for now...I was found guilty for the testimony of these men and a few others and as we go you will se more and more information drop on this site, information that the state had but chose to ignore! They had blinders on and they were all working to cover their own trails because again, this began with a very sad tale of a Mr. Gary Dickerson who was hunted and needed help and got none from TDCJ or their Classification dept. The Warden Massingill or the Internal Affairs Division, nobody looked out for Mr. Dickerson, nobody helped him, nobody stepped up and I will provide more information on who and why that was in time. What is important right now is this: this is all INA NUTSHELL and we will get to the meat as we go...PEACE!




Anibal "Bigfoot" Canales #999366

Texas Life Row  




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