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My worst childhood story.

Mom calls me kid or cowboy, she tried to make me into a
cowboy when I was a kid. The time the dude killed my dog and
beat the hell outta me...It was the story of the worse thing that
ever happened to ya as a kid...that I started telling ya but got
run off the road and told ya about granny and that life. I take all
kinds of side roads when I get to telling a story...I’ll tell ya the
worse story as a kid. Not adult. That’s a whole other story...
When I was 10 Granny said we were going to see Mom in
California for the summer. This was badass because we never
saw her, and we didn’t have to work for summer. and Cali, we went to Fresno.

Mom was with this mean dude Hobert. I’d met him when I was
about 5/6 when the fucker tried to drown me. That’s another
story in itself. He was the same dude that knocked mom off the
barstool and she went into labor with me...Been in and out of
prison and been the cause of Mom being in and out...There
was a box in front of a store Free Puppies take one...Cool. So
this pup grew to be a mid sized mutt, that followed me
everywhere. Hobert made me get a paper route and Biscuit
went with me...EVERYWHERE, greatest do ever!!! But Biscuit
would bark when I would go in the house...pissed Hobart off...
He told me about 4 months after I got the dog, get rid of the
dog. But Mom said I could keep it...Hobart said get rid of it or I I took the dog about 5/6 blocks to Aunt Rosie’s house
and told my cousin Jerry to keep him, Jerry got a pup at the
same time I got mine. So I figured Biscuit would hang there
with his bro. But he came home and started barking as we
were at the dinner table. Hobert jumped up heading for the
front door, I ran out the back, dropped to my knees in the car
prostrated pounding legs come un biscuit come boy. Biscuit
came around the house heading for me, Hobert come out the
glass side door and swooped him up by his back legs, smashed
his head into the driveway, bam bam twice...then threw him into
my chest lap...biscuit was dead but twitching like crazy, and I

had a new white Led Zepplin shirt, Blood splattered me...
Hobert: Now get rid of the Motherfucker...I look and see mom in
the doorway, She turns and walks back into the house.

About a month later, Me and Clyde are arguing over something,
and he walks in (Hobert) rips off his leather belt with his name
on back and beats the hell out of me, drew blood on arms and
back because I didn’t have a shirt on, tore me up. For what?
The thing we were arguing over was what to watch on TV...I
never seen him hit Clyde. EVER!...well I was 11 and a half by
this time and we were to stay with Mom forever now, we were in
school and everything...Granny had moved up too and lived a
few blocks away. After the beating, and it was bedtime, I sat on
my bed with my new aluminum bat that was the new big thing.
Clyde kept telling me to calm down and we’d go talk to granny
tomorrow. I just sat there...he fell asleep...after the bed
stopped squeaking and I gave it some time, I went into the
bathroom that our room shared with theirs...When I opened the
door the light hit Hoberts face His eyes opened, and I hit that
motherfucker in the chest with the bat...But it didn’t do much
because he sat right up roaring he’s fixing to kill the little
bastard. Well he swung around to put his feet on the floor...
Thanks...Perfect Home run shot dickhead. “BAM” I swung for
the fucking fence up side his head. Dropped the bat and ran
out the door, down to Granny’s house. When Granny saw the
welts the belt put on me, She called my uncle Roy and my uncle
Odes. Then she called Mom. “Me and my boys will be there
soon to whoop Hobert like he’s done this child.” When we got
there, Mom and Hobert were gone, they packed some shit and
just left. Clyde was there alone...So Granny moved to that
house with us...then back to Texas; later on.

-Troy Clark

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